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Auto Body Repair Easthampton MA | Ed's Auto Body & Repair Inc
Average rating:  
 31 reviews
 by Garry Lamothe

I am extremely disappointed with the work done on my truck. They had my truck for well over a month. Costing me over $5,000.00. Eight months after getting my truck back two area's that they repaired showed bubbling under the paint. When I took the truck back to them Ed dismissed it and told me " I don't want to be married to this thing. He never called me back after saying he would. Sadly, he will no longer be my go-to guy for any further body work.

Gary, back in 2013 we repaired a dent on the right bed side panel on your 2004 Ford F150 pickup. At that time, the lower front panel was rusting which I pointed out to you. We repaired it for $1,000. You brought your truck in on February 15, 2021 since your cab rocker panels were rusting. The correct repair was to replace the rocker panels which we did. Your right bed side panel was also rusting out. The correct repair would be to replace the entire panel for approximately $3,000. You went against my advice and told us to repair it. This panel had 4 large rust holes. At your request, we cleaned it, welded in 4 metal patches and refinished the side panel. If you check your initial estimate/final bill, I added in a line note that stated there was no warranty on rust repair without replacing the bed side with a new panel. It is impossible to clean the inner panel rust without removing the outer panel for access. You did not want to do the job correctly. The total cost of the repair was $5,0016.14. The truck was delivered to you on March 16, 2021. And yes, the job did take a month instead of 2 ½ - 3 weeks that I originally estimated. In good faith I covered the cost of a rental vehicle for 8 days and included a complimentary exterior detail valued at $450. Unfortunately, your 18-year-old pickup truck will need on-going rust repair since it is driven daily in New England. When you stopped in a couple of weeks ago, 13 months after we delivered your truck, I met with your personally and told you that if the repair was done correctly, we absolutely would have warrantied the repair, but since you chose an alternate repair, we cannot offer any warranty unless you choose to repair it correctly. Good luck to you.

 by Jdowd
Love this place

I have had Ed's do anything from body restoration on a 1960's vehicle & body repair to just touch up and fix older car rust.

They do everything in the same great detail, professionalism & wonderful to work with.

I recommend anyone that is looking for this work to Ed & his crew.

 by Rick Cabral
Totally Satisfied

My driver's side door was recently hit while parked. Commerce Insurance initially agreed to pay only a fraction of the true cost. Ed and Debbie assured me they would work with Commerce, that I would have no out of pocket expenses, and that I would be happy with the final product. They were right on all counts. In addition they, and their staff, were friendly and accommodating throughout the process. I would highly recommend Ed's Auto Body.

 by Gia Bernini

I wanted to thank the whole crew at Ed's Auto body. You turned an anxiety producing experience of having my car get hit, to a very calm, hopeful and satisfying experience. I am super happy with results of the repair. I swear my car looks better than before.
I especially appreciate the way in which you dealt with my insurance company and walked me through the process. I'd recommend your company to anyone with no hesitation. Thank you!

 by Tanya S

I want to thank you Ed & Joann from the bottom of my heart. You have given me so much help with the car I call Christine at this point. You are amazing people and everyone should come to your shop to have their vehicles fixed. I so appreciate you. A huge thanks with love.

 by evan eisentrager

Great big thank you to Ed and Joann for all the work you've done on my car and my wife's car over the years but most of all for the help you gave me when my car was recently totaled. Joann thanks for walking me through the process of dealing with the insurance people and helping me get a fairer settlement. And thanks for giving me the loaner car so I could get to a clinic to get checked out the day of the accident. Unbelievable customer service!

 by Tabitha Golz

Ed and Joann, Thank you so much for fixing up my Sentra for me! I could not be happier with the customer service and quality of work I received! I have been telling everyone I know about how great Ed's Auto Body is! I will definitely return if I am in this situation again.

 by Susan Balboni

Dear Ed and Joann! On your homepage you write, therefore every job is a priority. As your grateful customer of five years, I would add that at Eds Auto Body, every person is treated as a priority. You are the business model everyone should aspire to. Thank you all!

 by Megan
great people

These are great people. The job ton my car took a few turns but they got it done for me. Their customers are amazing, generous, and one of a kind. Thank you to my gardian angel for your generosity. I will never forget your act of kindness.

 by Robin L LaRiviere

Excellant service today, friendly and fully comprehensive explanation! And having the car washed was awesome! Keep up the great service!!!

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